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Blogger’s review*

Been using this product for about a year or more and the results has been phenomenal and because of that I never needed lash extensions! Everyone compliments how long my natural lashes already are!

Ameline Tan
Happy to be back on my Xlash Pro eyelash serum from @xlashsg after a few sessions of eyelash extensions. Time to get that natural, longer and thicker eyelashes.



IT WORKS! Just look at my before & after pics! For the ones that had a big spurt of growth, i have never had eyelashes that were of that length before in my life, no kidding. It is extremely simple and easy to apply. Just apply along the lash line every night. It works on bottom lashes too!



“For the last three months, every time anyone asks me if my lashes are real or what brand of mascara I use, I always tell them one thing, “It’s this lash serum I use! I was skeptical at first too but it really freaking works!!!” It really freaking works, guys!
My lashes have never been this long my entire life and all it took was some serum on my lash line before bed every night for 2 months. It’s really better than having extensions or putting on falsies.”

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PEGGY C / Company

“I’ve been using a lash serum for over 3 months and oh boy, the results are just amazzzzzzzzzzzzzzing!

People that saw my lashes were interested and thought that it’s the credit of my mascara (partially maybe) but what really made that difference is actually the lash serum! I didn’t quite realise how much my lashes grew because I look at myself everyday while doing make up and was not able to see the difference. It was only when I started receiving comments and was further affirmed when I placed the photo of my lashes 3 months ago with the same mascara beside a photo of my current lashes with the same mascara. I’ve noticed that lesser lashes fall out too and it made layering of mascara so easy!”

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Valerie Wang

My new favourite mascara from @xlash_sgmy giving me impressive non smudge lashes! it’s the other half of the xlash duo combo for naturally long lashes!


Esther Leong

Real lash situation. Nothing beats having your closest pals notice your natural lash longer, thicker & healthier! Succeeded in restoring my bare lashes to its longer & healthy state with Xlash
Trust me. You will love it as much as I do.



“My lashes have grown thicker, darker, longer and now there’s even a slight curl to it!

To be honest, I never expected myself to achieve such drastic results just by using a product to enhance my lashes naturally. I now like to flaunt my natural lashes and have even received many compliments about how shocking it is to find out that I wasn’t using falsies/extensions. I have also noticed less fallouts significantly when I remove my mascara at the end of the day as well. That showed me that my lashes have also gotten stronger, which makes me so happy because I’m now losing less lashes than before.
I would highly recommend Xlash to anyone that face concerns with their eyelashes and want to have healthier, longer and nicer lashes in a easy, convenient and more importantly NATURAL way.
The results you see are real, even I am very impressed myself.”

“I’m honestly super impressed with XLash’s products!!!!!!!

I’ve been using XLash’s Eyelash Serum and Mascara consistently within the last 3 months or so, and the results have been amazing.

XLash serum is a transparent serum that I apply to my lashline (both upper and lower) before bed time each night. I was initially a bit apprehensive about using products on my lashes since I’ve had LASIK done and don’t really want to risk getting infection or something, but the serum doesn’t hurt nor sting at all, thankfully!

XLash mascara…I really have soooo much more to say about the mascara because honestly it’s one of the best mascaras I’ve used EVER. Or maybe it’s the best.

What I love about the mascara is that it not only makes your lashes appear longer and fuller, it does not clump at all and I’m pretty sure there are certain ingredients inside that also helped boost the growth of my lashes.

You really know it’s good stuff when you frequently get comments like “wow you’ve really long lashes” or get asked questions like “what mascara do you use?” or “are those your real lashes or are they extensions?”

I’ve been getting such questions from both my male and female friends alike and it’s quite shiok when you tell them it’s your natural lashes and they’re so shocked. 😂

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Brenda Ng

“It feel so good to see my own lash growing longer and stronger! All thanks to @xlash_sgmy Eyelash Serum, apply it diligently everyday to get real result.”

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Andrea Tan

“If you want to get longer and thicker eye lashes naturally, I would highly recommend you to try the Eyelash Serum from Xlash and they also offer many other amazing products”

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Luhui Long

“I’m super happy with my lashes results! Rlly thankful that i’ve met @xlashsgI can apply mascara everyday(although it’s alittle more work becuz i dont have my extensions anymore) and having my own natural long lashes! It’s always been my dream that i wish my lashes were longer and yay! It came true!.”

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I did notice my lashes getting longer but because I was looking at them every day, I didn’t realize the difference was so huge until I did this “Before vs After” picture. 

Xlash has definitely proved to work after just a short 2 months usage and it gave me seriously longer lashes, in fact I’ve started to see growth already after only three weeks. I was really amazed to see the results! & all I had to do was just apply 2 coats of mascara whenever I head out and my lashes would look really good.”


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Lian Meiting

“My lashes are definitely longer than it was. I’ve been getting praises regarding them from friends and strangers alike! Some people even asked if I’m wearing falsies or have extensions on 🙂  But it’s all because of the Xlash serum.”

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Joycelyn Thiang

“Routine of using Xlash each day️ and my lashes have shown an improvement in terms of thickness and length! I’m usually quite skeptical but this most definitely worked for me, so hooray to longer I used to be skeptical about lash serum until I tried this from @xlashsg. I’ve been using it for almost 3 months & I can see how my lashes have grew thicker & longer. If you are thinking & finding ways to grow your lashes in a natural way with permanent result, get a #XLash Serum to try & see the results for yourself!” 

Source: @mandalogy21


“Routine of using #Xlash each day️ and my lashes have shown an improvement in terms of thickness and length! I’m usually quite skeptical but this most definitely worked for me, so hooray to longer and thicker lashes!” 

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“This eyelash product totally awesome, i never believed that it really works that well! Super excited to share the result! As you can see from jan till now, my lashes really got a lot more. And I’m very proud of my lower lashes too..”

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“Xlash and Xbrow really did a job well done. My eye brow looks thicker andfuller rather than no eye brow look without using eyebrow pencil. My eye lashes become longer and fuller. It just looks like I have my eye makeup already on. And I realize that I no longer need to clip my eye lashes before using mascara. It’s just long and curl enough by just brushing the mascara. False eye lashes effect after applying makeup. I pretty love it.” 

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Xlash Ivy 1
Xlash Ivy 2

“This (Xlash) serum works like MAGIC! Before using this serum, my eyelashes were very short and thin. After only 4 weeks, I saw a huge difference. My eyelashes look visibly longer, healthier and thicker without falling out. I don’t need to wear falsies or mascara as often now. If I need to wear mascara, I just apply one coat and I am good to go. OMG babes! I can’t live without this serum!”

Xbrow is really amazing and absolutely live up to it’s name. Easy to apply and effective. For your information, I am a lady who can never let her tweezers rest in a drawer. I can’t stand seeing stray hairs scattered around my brows, so I will pluck them all and end up with bald brow patches. Guess what babes, my bald patches have not grown for the past few years. I am not kidding and have no idea why. So yeah, the moral of the story, do not over-pluck the brows. Mm..hmmm…. Anyhoo, yoohoo, after using Xbrow for a month, my eyebrows have grown back. I can see the visible result after 2-3 weeks. I would highly recommend this amazing serum to anyone who wants to have thick and beautiful eyebrows.”

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“I don’t trim my brow hairs, only pluck so I really could see that it helped with the growth. Pleased as punch with this product ☺

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” after all the googling, I couldn’t stop thinking of the super-raved eyelash serum and……..I went to order it online  Free shipping so not too bad..

Haha I’ll take before pictures and do up another review in 2 weeks!”

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Hear from our users*

I would like to share my testimonials from using Xlash serum in just 1 month. The results are extremely impressive and i want to get the bigger one now!

Xin Yin

I have been using the serum since June 2020 and there has been significant growth in my lashes. I no longer wear mascara. Instead, I just curl my lashes and they look amazing.

Jun Ting

Suffice to say, I am super impressed with the results! I was experiencing brittle lashes and frequent lash fall at the time, and did a fair bit of research before deciding on Xlash. I have very sensitive eyes, but the product has never caused irritation. Soon after I started getting comments like “did you do your lashes?” and “wow your lashes are so thick!” and I knew that it was working and making a visible difference! There is no turning back now 😂


No before picture but attached is an after photo! Love how it works so well in thicken and lengthening the lashes! Got my 2 of my friends to try it too!

Lian Ling

I’ve got a bad lash extension and the lashes were thin and little after removing. I used xlash between July to September last year and took the results in picture. It was amazing. The lash grew thicker and longer. 

Carole Chua

I was introduced to Xlash by my colleagues, I was skeptical at first but didn’t want to miss out if it were to really work. Fast forward to the present, I’ve been using Xlash for more than 6 months now and have received many compliments from my friends/colleagues/facialist/hair stylist telling me how long my lashes are (with no  mascara and completely no makeup). You can obviously tell from the photo the length of my lashes have grown without needing to measure it. Totally worth it and highly recommended!

Cee Leah

Have been using for almost a year, 2nd bottles. People around me have been asking me what kind of fake eyelashes i am using, but i told them i have been using this Xlash and loving the result!


I was quite skeptical as I have tried another brand of lash serum before and it didn’t work. So when I saw review on Xlash, I only had the thought of “no-harm-trying”. Without much ‘hope’, I just apply every night before bedtime and didn’t really monitor till I think slightly about past 2 months and I noticed that my lashes really grown longer and I even can see new baby lashes coming out. So I kept continuing to apply. Now I don’t even use mascara that length, I just use normal mascara and love the natural effect!


I’m so happy with my xlash results! My natural lashes have grown longer & fuller as you guys can see from the before (top) & after (bottom) picture!


My eyelashes are growing so well! I LOVE it!

S H A N N E N / Company

The xlash serum really worked on me and the result amazed me. My lashes have become significantly longer and darker. The results only showed after 3 months of consistent usage. I’m glad I diligently used it daily and had the patience to do so. I’m still on my first bottle which is 3ml in volume which I have used for more than 4 months.


This is the first lash serum out of so many I’ve tried (that has claimed to work) that really works! I was skeptical of it at first, fearing it was just another blogger endorsed product. But pictures don’t lie, results don’t lie – having minimal to zero fallouts after I started using Xlash wasn’t a dream! It took me about 2 months to see the results. Even my mum asked if I had extensions done, she had no idea I was using the serum, I’ve passed on mine to her for now. I’ve been using it for a good 5 months. And wish to continue growing thicker lashes (so far they have been growing really long!) through the second bottle. Journey to longer lashes that belongs to yourself starts from Xlash 😉

Adeline Toh

My starling result of XLash! No limit of my joy!!!


Xbrow – Results in first month of use on selected area! Growth on areas with thin brows. Xlash – overall lengthening & thickening, look of my lashes now together with use of mascara is so prominent . Happy!

Agnes / Make up professional

Special thanks to @xlash_sgmy ❤️, my life is made easy as I can head to work in a jiffy (and bare-faced)!! Yay to catching up on my beauty sleep 😌✨

Jasmine Yeo

I have really short lashes and not comfortable with idea of doing lash extensions. I tried many products before but none of them worked well. Finally Xlash did the trick! I cannnot imagine living without it after this experience.

Xlash After 1
Jessica Tan

I found good reviews for this product online and decided to try it out for fun. Now I cannot stop! i am amazed by the results and so have all my friends



I was forced by my girlfriend to try it out BUT it really works! Results started quite quick for me in 3 weeks and have now obviously thicker and longer lashes after 6 weeks. Sharing some photos for results of Xbrow and Xlash after applying diligently for 10 weeks!

Xlash SG brows 1
Xlash SG eyelash

Before/After from our Happy customers

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