How to get naturally long eyelashes without extensions!


I’m honestly super impressed with XLash’s products!!!!!!! Not sure if you’ve heard of them but they’re Singapore’s number 1 eyelash serum and seriously, now I know why they’re number 1 LOL

I swear, my lower lashes have always been non-existent my whole life but now they’re so long and visible, I can finally put mascara on them!!!


I’m honestly super amazed because I totally wasn’t expecting such results!

Anyway, I’ve been using XLash’s Eyelash Serum and Mascara consistently within the last 3 months or so, and the results have been amazing (as you can tell from the before and after photos).

Admittedly, I haven’t been using the serum everyday but the mascara has grown to be one of my cult products that I can’t live without!

Here’s a photo of the XLash serum and mascara to give you a better idea.

In a nutshell, XLash serum….

XLash serum is a transparent serum that I apply to my lashline (both upper and lower) before bed time each night. I forget about it on some nights la hahaha but most nights, I apply it religiously and I’m so glad to have seen results!

I was initially a bit apprehensive about using products on my lashes since I’ve had LASIK done and don’t really want to risk getting infection or something, but the serum doesn’t hurt nor sting at all, thankfully!

In a nutshell, XLash mascara…

I really have soooo much more to say about the mascara because honestly it’s one of the best mascaras I’ve used EVER.

Or maybe it’s the best.

What I love about the mascara is that it not only makes your lashes appear longer and fuller, it does not clump at all and I’m pretty sure there are certain ingredients inside that also helped boost the growth of my lashes.

You really know it’s good stuff when you frequently get comments like “wow you’ve really long lashes” or get asked questions like “what mascara do you use?” or “are those your real lashes or are they extensions?”

I’ve been getting such questions from both my male and female friends alike and it’s quite shiok when you tell them it’s your natural lashes and they’re so shocked. 😂

I’ve had my fair share of eyelash extensions irritating my eyelids and since getting LASIK done, I’ve shunned away from the idea of getting eyelash extensions because I might potentially get an eye infection if my lash extensions aren’t properly cleansed!

But I guess I have no use for lash extensions now that my natural lashes are long and voluminous enough! 😛

Thanks XLash for sending over your products!!

P/S: This isn’t a paid post! And I’m sure you can see the results evidently from my before and after pictures 🙂