XLASH Eyelash Serum

Lashes primary function is to protect our eyes from dust or debris which may harm our eyes.
That’s why I have been using @xlashsg eyelash serum to grow my lashes fuller and stronger. Regardless of gender, I personally feel that eye lashes are curtains to our eyes. Hence it is essential for us to take care of them by applying this serum made of natural ingredients to the roots of your eye lashes. This will boost volume and strengthens those lashes while being kind to our eyes.
What I really think is worth mentioning is that this serum is lightweight and fast absorption. I usually apply this serum right after my night care routine, an hour before I sleep. Within 2 to 3 weeks, I was able to see results as my lashes become fuller and slightly longer. You may wish to purchase this bottle of Eye Serum (3ml) from @watsonssg at $89.90.



Been using XLips EGF intensive care lip balm ($49.90) by @xlashsg during my trip in Japan to nourish and moisturise my lips. It contains an intensive and concentrated formula enhances the protective barrier of sensitive lip skin. It helps the skin to resist negative environmental factors and ageing processes in virtue of its unique anti-ageing component – EGF (Epidermal Growth Factor), a polypeptide, which stimulates the growth of epidermal cells.