Being Natural & Beautiful With Xlash

 August 1, 2017 | Andrea Tan Shihui
 Eyes are the window to soul, eyelash and eyebrow could make a major different on your daily look.

Since the beginning of 2017, I extended my eyelashes on monthly basis and this cause my eyelash being weaker and it looks so empty when I remove my extended lashes. Thankfully I came by this natural serum from Xlash that give me a chance to strengthen my eyelash and let it grow longer. 

Xlash Eyelash Serum is one of the top-ranked eyelash serum that gives you naturally thicker, longer and healthier-looking eyelashes. The nourishing ingredients in Xlash Eyelash Serum strengthen from the root to the tip, making your eyelashes look fuller and more beautiful.

How to apply: 
Ensure your face is clean and make up free, apply a thin even layer of Xlash on the root of upper and lower lashes in one continuous stroke. Diligently apply once daily before bedtime and you can see different in 1-3 months. 

Let me show you a few before & after results for Xlash Eyelash Serum,

 Before Applying Xlash Eyebrow Serum,

After applying Xlash Eyebrow Serum,

2 Weeks applying for Xlash Eyelash Serum,

 ​After applying for 1 month, despite some days I forgotten to apply it, the result is definitely satisfying!

A big thankyou to Xlash for making all this possible and so natural, I shall continue applying and see what I will get end of 3 months!

Long, Beautiful and Healthy Eyelashes that truly belongs to you!