Let’s talk about lashes!

In particular, this eyelash growth serum from Xlash.

So, what does this Xlash serum do?

This serum basically helps to stimulate growth of our own eyelashes using natural ingredients. It helps our lashes to grow not just in length, but in volume as well!

The way you apply it is the same as how you would apply your eyeliner.

Now…. for the reveal of my results. 👀

My lashes are definitely longer than it was. I’ve been getting praises regarding them from friends and strangers alike! Some people even asked if I’m wearing falsies or have extensions on. 😅

But it’s all because of the Xlash serum.

I can’t say so much about the volume because I originally had plenty of lashes. I just wanted them to be longer and it really did what it promised to do.

Don’t be frightened by the drop in volume of my lashes in Aug because I took the photo during its “shedding” period. Our eyelashes fall off naturally to regrow and this is perfectly normal!

The serum initially gave a slight irritation to my eyelids. I had some mini red bumps like mini mozzie bites (subsides in 30 mins) but after I got used to the serum, all was good. I applied it once a week to twice a week and then everyday.

To really see the full results of the serum, it is recommended to use every night diligently for 1-2 months. Take a before and after pic and you would know if it works for you!

The Xlash serum is not cheap, to be honest. But it’s a small price to pay for beauty! 😂 one tube can last a very long time.