Linda Lee:  XLASH Ambassador, and TOP makeup artists featured Her World Singapore

A dewy look to showcase my natural lashes with just a hint of mascara today. 🥰
Here’s my story of how my extraordinary lashes began…I’ve got to know about @xlashsg (a natural lash growth serum made in France) via a friend of mine 2 years ago. Upon seeing the difference it has done for her lashes, I bought 1 for myself to try immediately. Just 2 weeks later, I’m seeing result already! 🤩
Next thing I know, my brides and clients are asking about my lashes EVERY TIME while I’m doing makeup for them. 😂 After staring up close at my eyes for awhile, they’d always end up asking if my lashes are real. And I’d be high explaining how amazing @xlashsg is. 😂 After 6months or so, I decided to carry xlash serums with me and have them available for my brides during trial session if they are interested, so that their lashes will be strong enough to stay curled through out their wedding day. 🥰
Seeing is believing. This has not just worked on me and on countless more others that I’ve recommended it to.
Once again, thank you @xlashsg ♥️ I’m definitely a fan for life. 🥰♥️

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