Xlash products have proven to deliver the amazing results you expect from us and we are gaining loyal followers days by day. Unfortunately, counterfeit products have made their way from to the market with some slight difference in packaging design and non English text. To deter unofficial copies and alert Xlash users, we took the opportunity to refresh/upgrade our packaging and differentiate from  copies in the market.

Buy only from official website and authorized resellers listed on our website

  • Fake products have slightly different bottle design and packaging. Please check the packaging should be matching as per displayed on our site. Stocks with old packaging are phrasing out from market and our resellers have started receiving FRESH, NEW stocks since 1st March 2018.
  • Cheap offers available from other online sellers can be fake or repackaged unofficial stocks from untraceable sources.
  • Xlash has invested a lot of resources to bring to you a safe and effective formula that delivers results as promised. To ensure that you are getting the results you expect from Xlash and prevent any harm it can do to our eyes. 
  • Your eyes are very important and sensitive, they are the only pair you will have. Please make sure that you do not take risk to use eye products only from non trusted source. 

Example of Fake Xlash found in Singapore:

fake Xlash1
fake Xlash 2
Fake Xlash 3
fake xlash 4