My XLash eyelash serum RESULTS

I’ve been rather sad about my over processed eyelashes, mostly because I had done too many lash perms (this was before i tried Lash Lift at Yan Artistry) and lash extensions. These have left me with some sparse areas in my lash line. Because of this, I had to put eyelash extensions and lash perms on hold to let my real lashes strengthen and re-grow.

I was desperately in need of a lash serum to induce new growth.

I chanced upon Xlash, a swedish company specialising in eyelash serums, and after i saw the super impressive results that their users had, I had to give it a go!

Check the reviews out for yourself : https://xlash.com.sg/full-blogger-reviews/

What is Xlash?

No.1 best selling in Europe | Safe and effective formula from Sweden | Landed in Singapore

Xlash is a clinical cosmetics manufacturer providing a safe and natural way of achieving beautiful, strong and healthy eyelashes. Xlash has been a huge success in several countries around Europe, Asia and Middle East ever since its release.

When they first set out to develop their range of highly respected cosmetics and serums, they looked at how women spent thousands of dollars on things that are simply not real. Of course, false eyelashes and eyelash extensions make women look stunning, but they believe that naturally long and beautiful eyelashes look even better.

With that in mind, they set out to help women achieve this goal through natural methods. Their goals were to:

  • Help women develop naturally long eyelashes
  • Provide cost-effective, high-quality products
  • Use a unique blend of high quality ingredients

When it comes to safe, high quality cosmetics Scandinavia is the best world leader. For this reason they partnered with leading Swedish lab to develop a product and set about making their first eyelash serum. The results were fantastic and their serum became an instant global success.

Xlash has ever since then become worldwide sensation with excellent reviews on its eyelash serums. Xlash eyelash serum has a high quality formula that holds EU standards and guarantees up to 98% that you will get great results. Thicker, longer and luxurious eyelashes is what you can expect from Xlash. They have continued to develop great products in their product line and Xbrow is their second hit product. With Xbrow Eyebrow Serum you will get bold and more defined eyebrows.

What is Xlash Eyelash Serum?

Xlash Eyelash Serum is the top-ranked eyelash serum that gives you naturally thicker, longer and healthier-looking eyelashes. The nourishing ingredients in Xlash Eyelash Serum strengthen from the root to the tip, making your eyelashes look fuller and more beautiful.

Now it’s possible for us to stimulate the growth of our own, natural eyelashes for a fantastic, beautiful result. Xlash is a natural alternative for everyone who would like to get longer, richer and stronger eyelashes. Apply Xlash on your eyelashes and you’ll notice a big difference within a few weeks.


  • Xlash promotes the growth of the eyelashes by providing several natural ingredients to the hair follicles
  • Important minerals affects the cell renewal in a positive way, which can speed up the growth.
  • Another positive effect of the addition of nutrious minerals is that the eyelashes may become thicker.
  • A well proven method among many happy customers.

How to apply:

  • Remove all make up, contact lenses or other cosmetic products. Wash you hands and face with mild soap
  • Apply a thin even layer of Xlash on the root of your upper and lower lashes in one continuous stroke
  • Apply Xlash once everyday, just before bedtime
  • For maximum results continue application for up to 3 months


The application wand is very much like an eyeliner brush. This makes it really simple and easy to apply because application is on the lash line much like how eyeliners are applied. The serum is clear and glides on super easy. There were no adverse reactions (like stinging, etc) at all for me. Also, you dont need to apply this to the full length of the eyelashes, just on the roots will do.

I try to apply this diligently every night before I go to bed as much as i can remember to. I even put it right in the front of my vanity desk so that i will not forget. But of course there are a few days that I forgot to.

RESULTS after 2 months

Before and After

*Just fyi that i had my lashes permed before i started with Xlash so that is why my lashes look really messy in the “after” photos as some of the lashes had grown much faster than the others, so the curls are at the tips of the lashes for some and at the middle for some others.

check out the growth!!

Can you see that certain lashes has totally outgrown the rest?


With Mascara

This length now is just crazy! Like i’ve never had lashes this long in my LIFE

The lash growth feels almost like a mutation! Lol!

My lower lashes are super obvious with mascara now that they are long!

My Thoughts


  • IT WORKS! Just look at my before & after pics!
  • For the ones that had a big spurt of growth, i have never had eyelashes that were of that length before in my life, no kidding.
  • It is extremely simple and easy to apply. Just apply along the lash line every night.
  • It works on bottom lashes too!


  • This is rather pricey for an eyelash serum. However, the results make it worth the price!
  • Every single lash lengthens at different speeds, so if you want equal lengthening for every single lash, this will not do it.


I think the results speak for itself! If you are diligent and patient with applying the serum for 2 – 3 mths, you should see good results too. There are no instant remedies to growing a thick healthy set of lashes, good things take time 🙂

*Just note that certain lashes will have a bigger spurt of growth than others.




XLash eyelash serum:


Price: S$89.90