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Being girls, we want it all.
Having fair skin isn’t enough. We want fair, moisturized and dewy skin.
Being slim isn’t enough, we want to be fit and toned with a perky bottom.
So when it comes to lashes, what are we all looking for?
Personally, I wish for longer, darker and thicker lashes.
Asians like me usually have quite short and sparse lashes so we find ourselves relying on fake lashes or eyelash extensions to get beautiful and long lashes. Of course there are those who are blessed with great looking natural lashes but not all of us are as lucky so we are always looking out for products that make our lashes more defined and gorgeous.
I’ve been introduced to Xlash since November and was told to apply it diligently every night. The progress is supposed to be gradual and my most beautiful lashes can be seen in about 2.5 months.
Finally landed in Singapore, Xlash is a bestselling eyelash serum made in Europe that has escalated quickly to the title of “holy grail” product by many women.
Xlash is a made from a clinical cosmetics manufacturer that provides a safe and natural way of achieving beautiful, strong and healthy eyelashes.
I was told that Xlash product is natural, made of safe formula & high quality ingredients so I decide to take on the challenge to ditch my eyelash extensions for 2 month just to see if the “result guaranteed” claim is true!
The brush applicator is really thin, as you can see.
So every night before I’ve showered and cleansed my skin, I will apply a thin layer of it just directly onto my lash line as closely as possible.
I also apply it on my bottom lashes too!
I then move on to my usual skincare routine afterwards.
 I did it religiously for 2 months!
Okay, I lied, there were days where I completely forgotten to use it or when I stayed over at SX’s place and forgot to bring Xlash along.
So let’s take a look to see how Xlash helped me achieve natural, stronger and longer lashes!
From this top-down view, you can definitely tell that my lashes are way longer and fuller than in the “Before” picture!
Is it me or does it looks like I have thicker bottom lashes?
It doesn’t look as sparse as the Before picture.
Saving the best for last, in this side view, you can see how much longer my lashes have grown!! I did notice my lashes getting longer but because I was looking at them every day, I didn’t realize the difference was so huge until I did this “Before vs After” picture. 
Xlash has definitely proved to work after just a short 2 months usage and it gave me seriously longer lashes, in fact I’ve started to see growth already after only three weeks. I was really amazed to see the results! & all I had to do was just apply 2 coats of mascara whenever I head out and my lashes would look really good.
Pasting fake lashes isn’t always good for your eyes because it tends to weigh your eyelids down and sometimes the lash glue can cause irritation as well.
So going all natural is the best way to go!
I did a pre-wedding shoot with Zwedding just 3 weeks after I used Xlash and the makeup artist commented that my lashes were looking good and long and he didn’t use any fake eyelashes on me!
The previous time that I did a shoot with them and my fiancé, the makeup artist actually pasted 2 fake lashes to create a dramatic lash effect.
So I was pretty surprised that he did not use any fake lashes on me this time round!
I was really pleased with how my makeup looks that day and I’ve been just relying on mascara ever since.
I guess I will only go for eyelash extensions when I’m going on a vacation and don’t want to spend too much time applying makeup daily.
For now, I’m contented with my natural and long lashes with the help of Xlash!
Did you know that the company also has another amazing product which is the Xbrow?
Xbrow Eyebrow Serum helps those with sparse eyebrows to get them bold and more defined. I’m lucky to inherit thick eyebrows from my dad so I wouldn’t need to use it but my fiancé was really interested in it after seeing how my lashes have grown and kept pestering me to buy it for him. Haha, he has really sad and thin eyebrows so he wants to try growing them thicker.
Thank you Xlash for enhancing the natural beauty of women, enabling us to accentuate and maximize it! My readers are able to enjoy 15% discount applying code: mtxlash (valid till 18th March).
[Updated: valid till 23rd of April 2016]
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