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Xbrow Eyebrow Serum


5.00 out of 5

Want fuller eyebrows that define your face?

Xbrow Eyebrow Serum is an efficient and nourishing treatment that will give you fuller, healthier and more defined eyebrows. The active ingredients penetrate deep to the root of your eyebrow hair, making it denser, more vibrant and more beautiful.



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Xbrow Eyebrow enhancing serum is made from natural ingredients, encouraging the growth of healthier and fuller brows.

The Scandinavian-sourced ingredients used in Xbrow Eyebrow Serum create a unique formula that gets results. The serum is formulated with an advanced peptide active ingredient and botanical extracts and vitamins. These effects are clinically proven and show that, when used as directed, eyebrow hair growth is increased by as much as 50%. They enhance your natural beauty and give you truly stunning eyebrows.


  • Nourishes and strengthens eyebrow hair follicles from the root to the tip
  • Made with a unique blend of ingredients and manufactured according to the highest European safety and quality standards
  • Delivers perfectly shaped, luscious and healthier eyebrows in three to five weeks
  • Clinically proven to increase eyebrow growth by up to 50%

Your eyebrows tell a story. Make the story even better by getting Xbrow Eyebrow Serum today!


Weight0.2 kg
Dimensions11 x 2 x 2 cm

Aqua, Isatis tinctoria seed extract, Citrus reticulata peel extract, Oenothera biennis seed extract, Corallina officinalis extract, Panthenol, Biotin, Tocopherol, Methylamido Dihydro Noralfaprostal.


You should apply Xbrow Eyebrow Serum once a day. Within four weeks, you will have eyebrows that look perfect and turn heads everywhere you go. The serum is produced according to the highest European safety standards and comes with the Xlash quality guarantee.

Your eyebrows tell a story. Make the story even better by getting Xbrow Eyebrow Serum today!

1 review for Xbrow Eyebrow Serum

  1. 5 out of 5
    Rated 5 out of 5


    Xbrow is very convenient to use, the result is visible already after 2 weeks, which is very pleasing.

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  • Before using Xbrow it’s recommended that you first remove your make up and wash your face
  • Bring out your Xbrow and gently remove the brush to reduce the risk of spillage
  • Apply a thin line of Xbrow evenly on the roots of your eyebrows
  • Repeat using Xbrow every night for 30 days before see noticeable results