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So Lash Serums, am I right? 
I always wanted to flutter and bat my eyelashes like in the cartoons, straight-lash Asian genes be darned!
Falsies, extensions, mascara, lash perms, lash lifts — tried ’em all.

When I saw @lindalino.makeup promoting this serum, my first thought was… meh. My second thought was, why not?
2ND IMAGE: Comparison of July 2019 (Day 1), August 2019 (Month 1) and Jan 2020 (Month 6). – It took a while to work for me, I’ll be honest.
– I dutifully applied it every single night.
– I started coating my lashes with castor oil around September, and then the results really started showing. Darker, thicker, stronger lashes. Now I use castor oil and the serum together.







3RD IMAGE: Close-up – Day 1 and Jan 2020 (6 months apart) – my “after” eyelashes were wet from the shower to be fair, and they are also lifted, but they really are that thick and dark. Without the lift, I’d say they’d be about 12mm – 8mm to 12mm in 6 months. And I have empirical evidence to prove it works because @xlashsg is ballsy enough to include checking measurement paper.*


Having a good face day thanks to @xlashsg Mascara.
Xlash Pro + Lash Lift + Xlash Mascara = The Falsie Effect
When we video call, my mom doesn’t believe that my lashes aren’t extensions, so I sent her a bottle of the serum. And so the glorious wait begins!