Xlash 👀

Gonna do a short post on #xlash!! ☺️

I’ve been using it since mid May? And it’s def shown an improvement in my lashes!

Okay, when xlash approached me to do a review, I told them that I didn’t want to post about it if it didn’t work for me before agreeing to try the product! (:

So it’s been close to 2 months using it almost every day (I’m not gonna lie cause got some days I fall asleep without putting the serum hahaha) and it has shown results for me alrd!

It’s really simple how to apply it.

1. Apply daily: just a thin layer across the roots of your lashes. I usually look down to do this.

2. Apparently you can start seeing results in 3-4weeks, and full growth is 10-12weeks.

3. And, to maintain the length after full growth, apply 2-3 times per week after!

Voila! Really simple ☺️

I’m usually v skeptical about using products like these like what if my lashes all fall out or smth?! 😂

Even like facial foams/moisturisers and all, I’m super afraid to try out new brands usually haha :/

But then, xlash’s really good for me so far (: I’ve also learnt to not be so Chor Lor and refrain from rubbing my eyes too much hahaha.


Source: dayre.me/jocinaaa