XLASH eyelash serum | Best Results, No.1 Best selling | Safe and natural formula made in Europe – XLASH Singapore


Officially available in Singapore via exclusive distributor Desangel Pte Ltd. Xlash is a clinical cosmetics manufacturer with products made in Europe, providing a safe and natural way of achieving beautiful, strong and healthy eyelashes. Xlash has been a huge success worldwide since its launch.

Xlash Singapore believes in the natural beauty of women. Our range helps women enhance, accentuate and maximize that beauty.

When we first set out to develop our range of highly respected cosmetics and serums, we looked at how women spend thousands of dollars on things that are simply not real. Of course, false eyelashes and eyelash extensions make women look stunning, but we believe that naturally long and beautiful eyelashes look even better.

With that in mind, we set out to help women achieve this goal through natural methods. Our goals were to:

  • Help women develop naturally long eyelashes
  • Provide cost-effective, high-quality products
  • Use a unique blend of high quality ingredients

When it comes to safe, high quality cosmetics Scandinavia is the best world leader. For this reason we partnered with leading Swedish lab to develop a product and set about making our first eyelash serum. The results were fantastic and our serum became an instant global success.

Offering a natural and quality eyelash serum at low cost, Xlash has ever since then become worldwide sensation with excellent reviews on its eyelash serums.  Xlash eyelash serum has a high-quality formula that holds EU standards and guarantees up to 98% that you will get great results. Thicker, longer and luxurious eyelashes is what you can expect from Xlash. We have continued to develop great products in our product line and Xbrow is our second hit product, which enhances your brows to get more bold and more defined eyebrows.  

We have since been continuing our mission to roll out new innovative products like Mascara, EGF lip balms and more.