Grow Out Your Brows And Lashes With These Serums

Reality check: you’re missing your monthly lash infills and your brows are out of shape now that we’re all on partial lockdown. It’s clear that during this crazy phase of our lives, we’re thrown into the trenches of having to face our days without our monthly beauty appointments. If you had your lashes fixed prior to the CB period, you’d realise that at this point in time,  you would’ve lost almost all of your extensions. And for the most of it, your brows are suffering just as bad no thanks to you overplucking your eyebrows in hopes of being your own therapist.

Though we’re counting down to the days of normalcy being restored back in a few weeks time (or maybe even in a few months), it’s high time to consider growing them out during this home quarantine instead. Ahead, we’ve gathered some of the products that you can use to transition your brows and lashes while keeping them in peak condition.


If you’re one who’s so used to having eyelash extensions, then we understand the plight of your eyelashes dropping out like there’s no tomorrow. But on the bright side, this is probably the best time to pull out your lash serums to start working on growing your natural lashes out.

XLash Pro Lash Serum 

A serum that promises longer and thicker lashes? Sounds like something we all need. Proven to show results in 28 days, this oil-free lash serum claims to enhance the appearance and colour of your lashes while strengthening and protecting your follicles so you won’t have to experience any breakage. Though results may not be visible after just one use, you’ll probably see a slight difference after using for 2 weeks.

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