Aesthetic Gurus Reveal Their Personal Skincare Secrets To Having Great Skin

There is no better way to learn about good skincare practices than going through the black book of skin experts. We get five of them to share their personal secrets to good skin

You might think you know everything about skincare, but the truth is, there’s always something new to learn every day. Which is why, we decided to ask who else but the aesthetic gurus themselves for skincare secrets.

Dr Georgia Lee of Dr GL

On her nighttime skincare routine

“I start with the Dr GL Cleanser Makeup Remover before using the Cleanser Brightening to prevent and reduce any pigmentations. Once done, I apply the Toner Oil Control and Post Cleanser Step 2. This is a must-have for me as it helps to gently exfoliate and keeps my skin glowing the next morning. I then use the Restore Gel Mask to the drier areas of my face before applying the Rye Repair under my eye to reduce dark eye circle. As a final step, I use the ProLash X over my upper eyeline to enhance lash growth”

Aesthetic gurus reveal their personal skincare secrets to having great skin