Eye makeup essentials you’ll love and use every day!

Create every single makeup look you can imagine with these 5 award-winning eye makeup essentials! We picked products that give you great color and definition, hold up in Singapore weather, and give great value for money.

This XLash Eyelash Serum will give you the dramatic lashes that you’ve always wanted. Not only do they grow longer, but they also get darker and thicker over time. This eyelash serum is formulated with an innovative formula that is guaranteed to help enhance the appearance as well as the colour of your lashes with some of the natural ingredients it is infused with.

What’s more is that the formula is oil-free which means that it is gentle on your skin. Also, it also works well in strengthening and protecting your hair follicles, which means that you can even use this serum while you’re using your eyelash extensions and not compromise on losing your strands.

Eye makeup essentials you’ll love and use every day!

18 Best Eyelash Serums in Singapore That Will Help Your Lashes Grow Longer and Fuller!

Getting eyelash extensions every month of once in two months can be quite a chore and costly too! Then we thought, wouldn’t it be much easier if we had naturally long and fuller lashes. Hence, Beauty Insider puts together some of the best eyelash serums in Singapore that will help you achieve naturally longer and fuller lashes!

How Long does it Take to See the Results?

Eyelash serums take quite some time for them to work their magic. Although some of the products offer instant results, it’s only temporary as it increases the volume of the lashes. If you want to increase the length of the lash, it may take about several weeks or even months. Mainly, consistent application is the key to ensure effectiveness.

How Often Should You Apply Eyelash Serum?

Generally, you need to apply it only once a day, whether it’s in the morning or before you go to bed. However, it depends as each serum available on the market are varied. Therefore, the best thing to know is by reading the direction of the product.

18 Best Eyelash Serums in Singapore

This Xlash Eyelash serum is formulated with only the best ingredients that are safe for the eyes. With a blend of ingredients such as Rhodiola Rosea Root extract and Biotin, this serum is such in Polysaccharides as well as Amino Acids that aids in helping you increase the growth rate of your lashes. The Biotin that is infused in this serum is the one responsible for the darkening of the eyelash to give it a much fuller effect.

18 Best Eyelash Serums in Singapore That Will Help Your Lashes Grow Longer and Fuller!

Rock Pillow Plump Lips With The Best 7 Lip Plumpers in Singapore!

Bigger, fuller lips have always been something people seem to absolutely adore. From lining over the natural lip line to even going under the needle and getting lip fillers! The demand for plump lips is insane and the market surrounding it is soaring even in Singapore.

The source of the big lips craze may be derived from the fashion doll characters of Bratz whose full lips are simply iconic. Recently a trend had been circulating the internet called the “Bratz Challenge” as many attempts to recreate looks inspired by the dolls. However, you don’t need to go under the needle to look like a Bratz doll- you simply just need a good lip plumper.

How does a lip plumper work? Lip plumpers work by holding onto the moisture in your skin surface with added tingle-inducing ingredients. This will then increase blood circulation in your lips which will give the appearance of plump, full lips.

Since achieving plump lips are all the rage now, here are 7 lip plumpers you NEED to get your hands on!

1. XLASH Cosmetics XLIPS Lip Plumper

First on our list is a lip plumper from XLASH! Get fuller lips with this unique blend of Vitamin B3, Hyaluronic Acid and Kiwi Fruit Extract. These ingredients will nourish and protect your lips while also moisturising it. Within just five minutes, you can see how instantaneous the results are as your lips become and softer and plumper. Go rock your plump lips, girl!

Rock Pillow Plump Lips With The Best 7 Lip Plumpers in Singapore!

20 Best Mascaras in Singapore For Thicker, Fuller and Longer Lashes!

We can all agree that nothing can give an instant confidence boost like how a mascara would. It is the most effective tool that can give you a full glam face when you are in a rush and just have no time to wear full-face makeup. In fact, for most of us at Beauty Insider, mascaras are the saviour every single time to cover those sleepy eyes. Today, we are sharing the explicit info with you. Yes, we’ve narrowed our fave mascaras in Singapore!

Now, we understand that putting on just one piece of makeup may not complete the whole trick but mascara is seriously important. It is more than enough to give your face the drama it needs. A good mascara can give your eyes the little oomph, and take your look from basic to WOW in less than a minute. Without further ado, below are the 20 best mascara in Singapore.


20 Best Mascaras in Singapore For Thicker, Fuller and Longer Lashes!

Insider 101: How To Do VSCO Girl Makeup And Hair With These 10 Easy Steps

Without a doubt, social media has created various types of beauty trends from E-girl to the soft girl. We’ve talked about E-girl makeup look before, so the next on the list is the (drum rolls please), VSCO girl! Yup, we’re sure that most of you remember the time when all of the people is head over heels for this trend. With minimal makeup inspired looks, scrunchies, and being totally carefree, such aesthetics are appealing and more people have opted for VSCO girl makeup and hair look. So, if you have been looking for the step by step guide on how to do VSCO girl makeup look, you’ve come to the right place!

What Actually is a VSCO Girl?

We know that there are various types of trends and it can be confusing to exactly know what it signifies. If you aren’t sure what is VSCO girl, fret not because we’ve got you covered! VSCO girl is all about embracing a natural-looking face with a minimal makeup look. They usually emphasize attaining a dewy and fresh face with hydrating skincare products and lip balms instead of going for full-face makeup like mascara, lipstick or heavy foundation.

As the name suggests, the term VSCO girl derived from the renowned photo editing application, VSCO. It is a mixture of 90s and surfer looks. Plus, you can easily spot them as they are usually known to wear scrunchie hair ties and use hydro flasks. When it comes to the starter pack of being a VSCO girl, among the list of products that they use are Mario Badescu, Glossier, Carmex and Burt’s Bees.

The Complete Guide on How To do VSCO Girl Makeup and Hair Easily

7. Curl up the lashes

Mascara is one of the essential makeup products that will instantly help to create an illusion of bigger eyes. This magic wand can truly amp up your makeup look. So, when searching for the best mascara, you need to look for the one that offers a lengthening and thickening formula. We know that some of you may prefer the falsies if you do remember to create natural-looking lashes. Just grab the mascara and swipe a few coats of it.

XLASH Cosmetics Vitamins Mascara

Insider 101: How To Do VSCO Girl Makeup And Hair With These 10 Easy Steps